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Streamlining your organisation through digitisation is easier than you think, and it will bring about major improvements in quality and productivity. Affno’s software products empower you to gain more value from the workday without requiring major infrastructure and process upheaval. And we support you every step of the way as you make the transition towards state-of-the-art operations.
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Enterprise Content Management

Chances are you deal with a lot of paper documents in your day-to-day work. In this digital age, you need not! Affno’s Enterprise Content Management software digitises content organisation-wide. This means that all documents and material can be viewed, shared and worked on via a computer, even if they started out on paper.

Protect your content from unauthorised access whilst facilitating easy and instant collaboration – across the organisation or the globe. Content can be easily organised and promptly accessed with a simple search so you can finally make the most of your organisation’s complete knowledge capital.

Meanwhile, your information security is assured with automatic backups, transparency into who’s viewed and edited files, and automatic preservation of all document versions. Watch your workspace become cleaner, greener and more productive as piles of paper become a thing of the past.

This product goes great with: Affno Workflow Management, Affno Correspondence Management

Workflow Management

You’ve always felt that there’s got to be a faster, smarter way to work. And there is. Affno’s Workflow Management brings fresh efficiency into your workplace, streamlining and automating your processes to grow productivity and shrink costs.

Following an analysis of your processes, Affno develops automated workflows which minimise the need for physical document transfer and non-value-adding administrative work. Files are transferred between individuals in a predefined order and managers can review, approve and reject files – all via the system. Email and SMS notifications inform users instantly whenever something requires their attention.

And it doesn’t stop there. Managers get a bird’s eye view into the status of organisational processes, allowing them to spot bottlenecks and deal with the root cause. And instant report generation provides real-time insights into process efficiency. It’s time to make the most of your processes.

This product goes great with: Affno Enterprise Content Management, Affno Correspondence Management

Correspondence Management

Do you know how many inquiries your organisation received today? Were they all responded to? Promptly? Accurately? Politely?

Today, many forms of correspondence – including emails – are legally binding. Therefore, keeping a secure record of all your communications is critical for organisational security. Affno Correspondence Management provides you this assurance while enabling you to do much more. The system lets you manage brand reputation with polite, friendly and grammatically accurate templates for external correspondence, whether email, physical mail, fax, or more. It routes mails to and from priority customers to managers so they can ensure your top clients are receiving top class service.

Moreover, Affno Correspondence Management intelligently categorises correspondence, making it easy to access all communications on a particular subject. This makes knowledge transfer easy should information be needed even many years down the line. A powerful search lets you quickly delve into the content of emails, and their attachments, to locate crucial information. And easy reporting tools provide real-time insight into the patterns, trends and seasonality of correspondence.

This product goes great with: Affno Enterprise Content Management, Affno Workflow Management

Record Room Management

Are you making use of the treasure trove of knowledge in your organisation? Tracking down a file in your record room need not be a fearsome exercise. Affno Record Room Management digitally maps your record room, storing the precise location of each and every record. With a simple search for associated keywords, users will know exactly where a record can be found.

The system maintains a history for each record, logging who checked it out, for what purpose, and when it was checked back in. This ensures complete transparency in record room usage. The system supports electronic RFID tagging, so no data entry is needed for check-in and check-out. It even provides email and SMS notifications when the date of return is approaching. Empower your Record Room Managers to track the status of all records within the record room and take action on delayed returns.

With Affno Record Room Management, making use of the vast amount of knowledge capital within the organisation becomes easy.

This product goes great with: Affno Enterprise Content Management, Affno Workflow Management, Affno Legal Matter Management

Legal Matter Management

Affno Legal Matter Management automates and streamlines daily operations across your firm or department while managing massive numbers of legal documents. It provides you with clear insight into your legal department’s activity, from the schedules and workloads of all legal officers to the status of each case and access to all case files and contracts straight from your PC. Now, you can get up-to-date on any legal matter instantly, assign work optimally and keep an eye on any problem projects.

It equips legal officers to improve efficiency through the digitisation of files, enabling instant retrieval. The system even maintains schedules and provides reminders so legal officers need never miss a contract expiration or court appearance again.

Change the way you handle time-bound matters, litigation processes, and everything in between – with Affno Legal Matter Management.

This product goes great with: Affno Correspondence Management, Affno Record Room Management

Insurance Claims Management

Use informational efficiency to serve your clients better. Affno Insurance Claims Management makes applications, forms, photographic evidence and more instantly accessible across departments and branches, digitally. Anyone – from those verifying evidence in the field to officers opening customer accounts at a branch – can upload new information for instant access to all authorised individuals organisation-wide.

This empowers your staff to save time by effectively managing customer claim information and avoiding data re-entry. It also helps prevent fraudulent claims by providing transparency into all former claims and customer activity. And by minimising the turnaround time for claims processing by eliminating the need to physically transport documents, Affno Insurance Claims Management helps you provide customers with new levels of service that competitors can’t match.

That’s not all – senior managers can now gather insights into activity across the organisation, identify trends, eliminate bottlenecks and transform the way the company operates.

This product goes great with: Affno Correspondence Management


The current process for tendering isn’t supplier friendly. In order to be aware of potential opportunities, suppliers often need to go through all the newspapers in all the countries they can supply to. Pricey local agents are needed to scan tender notices and send them across, and to later submit the final bid.Sometimes, good suppliers only find out about an available tender quite close to the deadline and they can’t put forward their best offering.

All these factors reduce the reach, range and level of competition you can expect from your tender, making it difficult to get the best product at the best possible price.

Affno e-Tender maximises the productivity and transparency of tendering. It streamlines the tendering process, from tender creation, review and approval, to reaching the best suppliers, managing clarifications and submissions, and identifying the best bid. The solution cuts publishing costs and expands reach to include cost-effective foreign suppliers. It provides organisations with global reach – reach that only the Internet can provide.

This product goes great with: Affno Enterprise Content Management, Affno Workflow Management, Affno Correspondence Management

Educational Insight Management

Reporting a high standard of education strongly influences the economic progress of a country. Demonstrating the presence of a skilled workforce encourages Foreign Direct Investment as multinational corporations are eager to leverage on the knowledge and talents of an educated society. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) reports annually on global education quality based on input from numerous countries around the world. Failure to report to UNESCO means a nation will not be ranked and loses out on a valuable source of recognition.

Affno Educational Insight Management collects comprehensive information on the health of the education sector by connecting up to education institutions across the country. It provides critical insight into the popularity of different programmes, trends in students’ academic choices, and even deficiencies in the educational system. This provides governments with an avenue to improve the economic situation of the country by developing the quality of education.

The product further facilitates instant publishing of reports according to UNESCO formats. This enables the timely submission of UNESCO reports each year, granting the nation a position on the international index.

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