Have you looked at your online face lately?
At every stage of the customer conversion lifecycle, the Internet lets you build meaningful connections with your audiences. In a single online session, customers can get to know that you exist, find out more about you, see what their friends are saying about your service, make inquiries and get them answered, purchase your product, and tell their friends about the whole experience.

So don't just take your brand online – give it life and purpose. Affno designs websites, online campaigns and social media profiles which make an impact and attract business and investment. We work with you to identify your goals and cater each element of your new online face to their achievement. Making use of HTML5 technology, refined SEO techniques, and close to 15 years of cross-industry experience, Affno combines aesthetic and functional expertise to deliver award-winning web solutions.

A dedicated Maintenance Project Manager supports you in maintaining an active, responsive and engaging website, making sure that you continue to get the most from your online presence. We also support you in strategically marketing your brand through search engines, social networks and online advertisements, so that you can take full advantage of all the time your audience spends online.
Affno designs and develops websites, social media pages and online advertisements which realise your business objectives
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