Bahrain mGovernment

The Need The Kingdom of Bahrain has a PC penetration rate of less than 20% and a mobile penetration rate of over 100%. Noting this, the Bahrain government saw an opportunity to build reach amongst its 1.2 million citizens with mobile government.

The Solution Working closely with a series of ministries, departments and third party applications, Affno combined mobile portal, mobile payment and mobile messaging facilities to provide 60 informational, interactive and transactional services. These included electricity bill and traffic fine inquires, daily price index, airport flight and arrival information, school examination results, and complaint submissions to various Government organisations.

The Results The United Nations E-Government Readiness Index competitively ranks the 191 member states of the United Nations on state of e-government readiness and extent of e-participation. Following deployment of Affno's solution, the Kingdom of Bahrain:

Moved up 29 places to the 13th position in the world
Ranked 3rd in Asia
Was adjudged 1st in the MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) region

Emirates Airlines

The Need Emirates Airlines is one of the fastest-growing international airlines with more than 400 awards for excellence worldwide. Emirates required a web solution to manage the In-Flight Entertainment information on its website, providing high quality images and digital video preview along with a comprehensive search facility and movie synopses.

The Solution For nearly a decade, Affno has maintained the content management solution which hosts the in-flight entertainment information on the Emirates website, ensuring reliable, peak performance. Affno's solution for Emirates caters to both TVR and ICE entertainment options offered by the airline. Over the years, Affno has continuously redesigned the solution to keep in line with the latest trends and developments in in-flight entertainment.

The Results Affno’s web solution supporting Emirates’ in-flight entertainment services has facilitated the Airline in winning the Best Global Airline Website award at the 2008 Web Awards and the Best Airline In-flight Entertainment Award for 2008 awarded by SkyTrax. Moreover, it has provided a high-usability, content-rich interface to assist countless travellers in identifying their entertainment options when flying Emirates.

Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory

The Need The regulatory authority of Qatar's financial centre needed a website that would project Qatar as a safe and legitimate investment destination, keep investors and member institutions informed, and create uniformity across corporate communications. Affno's expertise was solicited in crafting a superior online presence enabling rapid updates.

The Solution Affno's solution made use of extensive information, comprehensively and strategically presented, to demonstrate the stringent control exerted over reporting within the financial centre. This was combined with high usability to maximise visitor experience and best support potential investors in entering the Qatar market. The solution featured a powerful content management system, facilitating easy management of the website.

The Results By transforming how information is presented and updated, the website has successfully built awareness on the existence, activities and repute of the regulatory authority, and provided investors and member institutions with necessary information. The increase in visitors and corresponding growth in investment anticipated indicate that it has met its goal of projecting the centre as a professional and well recognised financial hub.

Bahrain Ship Registry

The Need The Department of Ports and Maritime at the Ministry of Transportation in the Kingdom of Bahrain wanted to automate its internal processes and make all its Ship Registry services available online, in real time. The solution needed to fully integrate with the Department's other core applications, external payment gateways and bulk messaging operators. Thus, Affno was contracted to build a state-of-the-art online Ship Registry Portal – a groundbreaking initiative for the Middle East.

The Solution Affno provided a turnkey solution, from business analysis, solution implementation, and customisation, to staff training and workshops for ship owners on the use and benefits of the portal. All data was made securely and centrally accessible, minimising redundant data duplication and error. Comprehensive reports and statistics are provided on Ship Registry activities, and management now has a bird's eye view of business process efficiency.

The Results Today, ship owners no longer visit the Department to submit applications, make payments or collect certificates – these occur online, via the portal, with digital signatures used for approval. Affno’s solution for the Department of Ports and Maritime is perhaps the first of its kind to be implemented anywhere in world. New vessel registrations and license issuance have increased over the years, and Affno's solution will support the Department in managing this increased demand, while streamlining operations and enhancing revenue.

Law Firm

The Need A leading law firm in the MENA region recognised the opportunity to improve performance by digitising its legal processes. Affno was contracted, and following an initial study, we identified immense potential to streamline the firm’s day-to-day processes, systematise ad hoc tasks and enable effective monitoring. There was also a need to manage the Firm's correspondence, since emails are today accepted as legal documents.

The Solution Affno's solution handles a vast number of legal documents daily, creating dramatic time savings by making information available when and where necessary. It allows processes to occur faster, legal material and correspondence to be standardised, and facilitates knowledge transfer. This ensures that information on a particular case or time-bound matter doesn’t reside solely with individuals, but can be made use of across the Firm.

The Results Through Affno's solution, the Firm is now able to manage and oversee processes far more effectively whilst protecting the information that is crucial to its daily operations. By monitoring time-use and automatically prompting users to log activity, the solution has also introduced efficiency and transparency to the Firm's system for charging clients.

Attorney General’s Department

The Need A state Attorney General’s Department with over 200 attorneys and 30,000 active cases saw the need for a technological solution in order to heighten productivity. A lack of transparency in the prevailing system meant that efforts were not coordinated and poor scheduling of attorneys' time was costing the Department. Further, as some cases could go on for over 30 years, there was a critical need for effective knowledge transfer over the case lifecycle.

The Solution Following a comprehensive study of the existing process, Affno identified numerous weak links which resulted in missing, duplicated and unprotected documents. Affno's solution tackled these challenges to allow information to be tracked, monitored and standardised, ensure data protection and transparency, and avoid duplication of effort. The solution also bridged process gaps, minimising turnaround time, and improved scheduling to avoid clashes and missed court dates.

The Results The impacts of Affno’s solution can be felt across government, business and citizens. Those served by the relevant ministries and local departments have experienced unprecedented service improvements. On implementation of this solution in 2007, the Attorney General said, “I have no doubt that this software system will introduce considerable ease, efficiency and a heightened sense of security towards the work of every officer.” Today, given the transformational effects of Affno’s solution, he can proudly stand by this statement.


The Need A bank with over 500 customer service points and 15 million customers saw the need to serve its clientele better by streamlining daily banking operations. Affno was called in to identify how technology could be used to reduce time and introduce synergies which would dramatically enhance both internal efficiency and client servicing.

The Solution Affno's solution handles thousands of documents daily, supporting everyday banking operations of significant volume and complexity. From account opening and closure to loan processing, credit facilities and much more, the solution enhances and streamlines virtually all banking processes. Digitisation and business process reengineering have transformed turnaround times and customer service standards. As a part of the solution, Affno also addressed issues of computer illiteracy, providing training to over 2000 system users.

The Results As a result of the deployment, process time reduced from days to minutes. The solution now works in parallel with the bank's core banking system, and plays a central role in its daily functioning. The bank can rapidly engage with its correspondent banks in other countries, enabling effective end-to-end processing of information. Service improvements, in the form of faster, more accurate and consistent service delivery have been recognised by customers and staff are well equipped to uphold these standards.

Insurance Company

The Need A leading insurance company with over 5 million policies in force sought a technological solution to elevate standards and reduce the time taken to handle new insurance applications, process claims and facilitate payment of insurance premiums. The company was also eager to create a paperless office environment. Before Affno's solution was introduced, an entire floor of the towers in which the company was resident, was taken up by its physical files.

The Solution Affno’s solution manages anywhere between 3,000 to 4,000 motor accident claims alone each day. It speeds up application processing by avoiding repetitive entering of customer data, makes claim information immediately available across hundreds of branches and departments, eliminates fraud through transparency, curtails administration costs, enables e-payment, and much more. It has also significantly minimised dependence on paper, creating space efficiencies for the company.

The Results Apart from enhancing the company's green credentials by curbing reliance on paper documents, Affno’s solution has streamlined and centralised claims processing to boost productivity and eliminate fraud. The company is now able to offer its customers greater convenience and higher service standards, providing complete and speedy service from any branch in the country.