The world has gone mobile.
Have you?
With a strategic approach to mobile innovation, Affno helps you engage your audiences with a mobile-responsive website and apps that work fluidly across all platforms – Android, Apple, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Affno’s apps integrate the most sophisticated functionality, from Augmented Reality (AR) and Location Based Services (LBS) to Near Field Communication (NFC) and mobile payments. Whether you want to excite your customers or equip your staff, Affno’s mobile applications, websites, m-payment and messaging solutions empower them to engage with you whenever and wherever they choose.
Affno's augmented reality, mobile websites, applications, payment and messaging products drive enterprise innovation
Augmented Reality

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays exciting digital information over your real world view, combining the real and virtual worlds to create an incredible new experience. Use AR to bring your publications, advertisements, billboards, in-store displays, storefronts and key locations to life by overlaying video, audio, animations and 3D simulations on them. Go ahead – give your customers an unforgettable experience.

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Mobile Websites and Portals

Did you know? Globally, the mobile has trumped the PC as the preferred way to explore the Internet. Affno’s responsive websites and mobile portals ensure you’re still accessible to your mobile-savvy audiences. With HTML5 adaptive design, these websites intelligently adjust to suit the device on which they are viewed, whether PC, tablet, phablet or smartphone. Even complex, content-rich portals can be simply presented by our experienced user interface designers.

Mobile Applications

Welcome to the value economy. Today, those who provide more and better value to their audiences are rewarded with love and loyalty. Mobile applications offer the ultimate in value with information, offers, routes and entertainment. Affno’s mobile apps go further by using exciting technology, from Location Based Services (LBS) to Near Field Communication (NFC), to expand that value. Our passionate app developers have skills across all platforms – Apple (iOS), Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. They prioritise security, make intelligent use of HTML5, and are equipped to build applications to help your staff work faster and smarter.

Mobile Payment

Within a year or two, mobile commerce is predicted to outpace e-commerce and brick and mortar sales. Get prepared today by empowering your audiences to make in-app purchases as well as one-tap payments through NFC. Affno provides a secure Mobile Payment product which uses multi-level authentication and certificates of confirmation to offer heavy duty protection to your customers.

Mobile Messaging

Did you know? SMS campaigns have the highest read percentage of all communication technologies – a whopping 98%. Affno’s Mobile Messaging product is crafted to deliver SMS campaigns that your audience will appreciate – communications that are carefully segmented, personalised, timed and two-way. There’s no need to depend on service providers and worry about your creative ideas being leaked to competitors – you can schedule customised alerts about exciting offers, new products and more whenever you please.

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November 27th, 2014